Map-01Fryerstown came into its own as a busy ‘gold rush’ town in the 1850s. Its population at its peak exceeded 15,000. It has a rich history that is still evident in the landscape, local diggings, and many original 19th century buildings, most now private residences in what has become a tranquil and scenic hamlet.

Situated in Central Victoria, Fryerstown is a picturesque township, nestled along a valley in the Fryers ranges. It has a diverse community of 480 residents. A large number of professionals, creative people, and tree changers have all made Fryerstown their home. The former schoolhouse is a community hub and venue for various activities. Fryerstown is well known today for its antique fair, which has been an annual pilgrimage for collectors and others for almost 40 years.




Fryerstown Annual Antique Fair

Of all the antique fairs held across Australia, there is one which is an absolute ‘must’ for dealers, stall holders, collectors and browsers alike and that’s the Fryerstown Antique Fair. It started in 1975 to raise money for the Hall where it is held and its popularity has increased every year since. All proceeds go towards the Hall’s upkeep and a variety of other community groups also benefit from the fair. Still held in and around the historic Fryerstown Hall, you will find fine antiques, Australiana, hobby collectables, furniture, old kitchenware, vases, pottery, odds and ends, pieces to mend, and many more treasured items. If antiques and collectables are your thing and you haven’t yet made it to Fryerstown, then you are missing out – so give yourself a treat and visit the fair. Held over three days on a weekend near Australia Day.